Amador Ledger Dispatch News Article on Helping Hands Services

Senior Home Care - With nearly one-fifth of the county over 65-years-old, many Amadorians could use a helping hand with many of the basic, everyday tasks that the other four-fifths of the county may take for granted. Getting to appointments on time, preparing meals, picking up prescriptions, doing laundry, shopping, housecleaning, gardening, walking assistance, caring for pets and plants, and supervising medication are but a few of the daily activities with which folks in their golden years may need assistance.

Thankfully, there is a new service in Sutter Creek that has the best interests of Amador’s elderly in mind. Helping Hands Services, “mobilizes open-hearted people to bring you affordable home maintenance and chore services delivered by trusted local professionals.” They truly believe that their work in senior home care is about helping their clients and families to improve quality of life during the aging process, as well as to maintain peace of mind, and to enjoy independence in their own homes.

Helping Hand Services was started in April by Jackie Godinez, who ran a similar service for five years in Southern California. While they work out of Sutter Creek now, Helping Hands Services works with seniors throughout the whole of Amador county and beyond. They currently employ three in-home care assistants who are ready and willing to serve the needs of local folks wanting more independence while facing the challenges of spending their golden years in the gold country.

Helping Hands services is committed to helping Amador’s seniors live a happier, more fulfilling life by providing the highest quality of in-home care toward the goal of allowing folks to achieve as much self-reliance as possible. Without the helping hands that Jackie Godinez and her team provide, the latter years of local seniors would be more gray than golden, which would make our community a less joyful place for all.

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Helping Hands Services Article